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The computer Entertainment Software Association (CESA, Chairman: Kagemasa Kozuki, location:
Nishi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) will hold "Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn," with "The Entertainment of Your Life" as its theme, in Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center, Chiba City, Chiba prefecture) for three days from Sep. 22 (Fri.) to 24 (Sun.), 2000.

As of July 5, a total of 63 exhibitors are expected to attend the exhibition. A total of 1,169 booths are occupied.

Tokyo game show has received big response from Japan and abroad as the base station which leads the world and sends the latest information of commuter entertainment software and as an event which plays a very important role in developing culture in this industry worldwide.

We entered the year 2000, and various kinds of information infrastructure, such as home video game machines which work with various interfaces, including DVD and internet terminals, PCs and mobile phones, have been organized in the entertainment software industry. Under these circumstances, beyond the traditional framework of games, a blending of games and a wide variety of entertainment, such as movies and music, is accelerated in the entertainment software. This will bring everybody closer to games and create more diverse ways to enjoy games in our daily life.

As we enter the 21st century very soon, the computer entertainment industry is ready to take the first step toward a new area through "Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn."

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1. The theme is "The Entertainment of Your Life."

The theme of Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn is "The Entertainment of Your Life." This theme envisages games as entertainment of blending with our life and a mean to make our life enjoyable.

2. By picturizing a happy home, the poster design abstractly expresses the existence of games which all family members can enjoy.

The poster design shows one of the daily life in ordinary families, which you may remember. All family members are enjoying a game. This expresses the attractive asset of games which everybody can enjoy regardless of generation.
" Feretta," who is a popular character of Tokyo Game Show, will appear on the game show as a family member to express the existence of more familiarized games. The catch phrase is "Everybody Likes Games."

3. A total of 63 exhibitors and a total of 1,169 booths

As of July 5, a total of 63 exhibitors are expected and a total of 1, 144 booths were occupied.
* See the attachment " a list of expected exhibitors."
* "Tokyo Game Show 2000 Spring" had a total of 66 exhibitors and a total of 1,295 booths.

4. The area of the venue is about 54,000 m2 comprising from exhibition halls 1 to 8 in Makuhari Messe.

The exhibition halls 1 to 8 are used for the venue. The area of the venue is about 54,000 m2, same as before. The general exhibition area is in the exhibition halls 2 to 6. The "product sales area"
is the exhibition hall 1. The "TGS Navi Plaza" will be set up in the exhibition hall 7. The "PC Corner," "Game School Area," and "Overseas Area" will be concentrated on the exhibition halls 4 to 6, center of the venue.

5. "Venture Booth" and "Network Entertainment Corner" will be set up.

The "Venture Booth" is a space especially intended for trying games so that visitors can enjoy game softwares as many as they can.

The "Network Entertainment Corner" is a space intended to exhibit network contents, including on- line games and network games.

Visitors can quickly experience the world of on line and network which is getting wider and wider as the information infrastructure is getting organized.

6. The popular "Kid's Corner" will be expanded in area and enriched in content.

The "Kid's Corner," which receives good reputation every time it is held, will be set up in the exhibition hall 8. The area will be expanded with the content enriched in this show where all family members can enjoy. In addition to the Touch & Try Corner, intended for visitors to enjoy
games, the Product Sales Corner will be set up there to sell products for kids.

The "Event Stage," where various events will be held by the exhibitors in the Kid's Corner, and the "Rest Space," where younger children can enjoy playing and guardians can take a rest, will be also set up.
Attractions which kids can enjoy playing actively and programs in which kids can participate will be held.

7. Sponsor, special support, support and cooperation

This Game Show is sponsored, specially supported, supported and cooperated by the following organizations:

Sponsor : Ministry of International Trade and Industry (planned)
Special support: NTT Docomo
Sony Computer Entertainment.
Cooperation : Microsoft

8. CESA GAME. COM will also carry out projects linked with "Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn"!!

" CESA GAME. COM," game portable site run by CESA, will have a special edition for "Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn" and carry out various special projects linked with the Game Show.

Special events, such as product sales corner on line, providing information about digital contents and site rally will be carried out on the network. During the session of the Game Show, the latest information, including reports on the venue, title of exhibition and events in booths, will be provided from time to time. Providing information and execution of events are intended to give wholehearted support to meet the need of users across the nation who cannot come to the venue on the day of the Game Show.
Using the mobile terminal "i mode," the latest information about the schedule of events in the booths of exhibitors and others will be provided at real time in the venue on the day of the Game Show.
CESA GAME. COM homepage address:

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