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Tokyo Game Show '99 Autumn
ended with Great Surprise!!
The total number of visitors: 163,866

"Tokyo Game Show '99 Autumn" was held for 3 days from September 17th (FRI) through 19th (SUN) at Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center, Chiba-city Chiba Pref.), with the ownership of Computer Entertainment Software Association (CESA). The show was participated by 74 exhibitors, drawing 163,866 visitors. For the final day of the show, 81,933 people visited the site, making a record turnout for one day. People enjoyed trying the latest titles, joined the stage event held at each booth, and were impressed with new computer entertainment platforms during these three days.

Around 450 new software products were exhibited at the show, with titles for new platforms, PC games, network games and potable handy games attracting the most visitors.

Seeing the ratio by genres, Simulation, Role-Playing, and Action has been highly ranked, however, with the progress of software development technology and high performance hardware, other genres such as, Adventure, Puzzle, Sports, Shooting, and Racing, have started incorporating the elements of Simulation or Role-Playing. Software from new genres also appeared in the show, including Music, Dance and New-style Action.

Moreover, the new computer entertainment platform, which made its debut at the Tokyo Game Show '99 Autumn, was drawing great attention not only from the game industry but also from other various fields.

The Tokyo Game Show '99 Autumn drew 3,951 press crews, including 644 foreign media staffs. The number of foreign press has greatly increased compared to the previous shows. This will show that the latest news on Japanese computer entertainment software industry are drawing worldwide attention.

The Number of Visitors
Tokyo Game Show '99 Autumn Tokyo Game Show '99 Spring
(Mar. 19-21, 1999)
Tokyo Game Show '98 Autumn
(Oct. 9-11, 1998)
Business Day
Sept.17 (Fri) 21,434 18,931 21,723
General Admission Day
Sept.18 (Sat) 60,499
(4,252 for kids)
(4,780 for kids)
(16,401 for kids)
Sept.19 (Sun) 81,933
(15,112 for kids)
(16,967 for kids)
(12,238 for kids)
TOTAL 163,866
(19,364 for kids)
(21,747 for kids)
(28,639 for kids)

Analysis of Exhibited Titles by Platform and Genre
By Platform (%) By genre (%)
PlayStation41.0 (43.3)
GAMEBOY<Pocket/Color>14.6 (10.7)
Dreamcast10.1 (11.0)
Windows (95/98/NT)8.9 (8.8)
NEO GEO POCKET<Color>7.9 (5.7)
WonderSwan5.5 (9.8)
NINTENDO644.6 (2.9)
PlayStation20.7 ( -- )
Macintosh0.7 (0.7)
SEGA SATURN0.2 (2.1)
NEO GEO (CD)0.2 (0.5)
OTHERS5.5 (4.5)
SIMULATION23.4 (23.2)
ROLE-PLAYING16.3 (13.2)
ACTION16.1 (12.5)
ADVENTURE8.8 (9.9)
PUZZLE6.3 (5.9)
SPORTS5.7 (6.4)
SHOOTING4.3 (3.8)
RACING3.4 (5.2)
OTHERS15.6 (19.9)
*The Data of the "Tokyo Game Show '99 Spring" is shown within ( ).

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