April 2001
Computer Entertainment Software Association
Tokyo Game Show Secretariat
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"Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring" Report
Despite unseasonable snowfall, the venue was filled with a great number of visitors for 3 days.Visitors were able to see future of computer entertainment.

"Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring" was held for 3 days from March 30th (Fri.) through April 1st (Sun) at Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center, Chiba City, Chiba Pref.) with organizing of Computer Entertainment Software Association (CESA), support of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, special sponsorship of NTT DoCoMo, Inc., sponsorship of Microsoft Corporation, Nintendo Co.,Ltd., Inc. and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Despite unseasonable freak snowfall, the venue was filled with a great number of visitors.

[ The number of visitors to "Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring"]
March 30th (Fri.): 34,329 (2,816)
March 31st (Sat.): 38,639 (7,370)
April 1st (Sun.): 45,112 (9,516)
Total: 118,080 (19,702)
( ) shows the number of visitors to Kid's Corner.

The 10th Tokyo Game Show had total 53 exhibitors, with obtaining participation and cooperation of the companies that had been thought to be out of video game industry and welcoming the new hardware of overseas company. In addition, we newly established HAND-HELD Game Zone where all videogame titles for hand-held game machines were exhibited. The visitors were able to see future trends of the computer entertainment. Thus, the contents of the show were very productive.

At the venue, nearly 400 videogame titles, mainly new titles before on sale, were exhibited. At each booth of exhibitors, the latest information on the game software newly released at the show was provided, and the visitors were able to taste them. Furthermore, various live events including talk shows were also held. At the Sales Corner, where goods related video games were available, a lot of eager video game funs seeking special goods of exhibitors packed into each booth.

The keynote lecture of Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring was given by Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation, U.S. on March 30th (Fri.) at the Event Hall, which was full to the doors with about 4,000 audiences.

In addition to various event programs by the exhibitors, the prize-giving ceremony of "The 3rd CESA Amateur Game Award," the popularity vote for "The Best Costume," and the talk shows by popular game creators were held at the Event Stage, which was filling up with a large number of eager video game funs.

"The 3rd CESA Amateur Game Awards -Aim for the future creator!"

Results for "The 3rd CESA Amateur Game Awards" were announced on Sunday April 1 from 11:45am at the event stage of "Tokyo Game Show 2001 spring", and the works of amateur game creators were awarded. Ten works were nominated from 140 entries, and a grand prix, 2 second prizes and 2 special prizes from judges were selected. A memorial shield and a supplementary prize were handed to each winner.

Prize section Title Name of team
Grand Prix DISC UPPER Genki Oki
Yukako Ichikawa
Digital Entertainment Academy
Second prize Flower Ring Takashi Ishida Niigata Computer Technical School
Second prize AliveOne Geppurikohn Digital Entertainment Academy
Special judge
G jumper Atsushi Inoue Digital Entertainment Academy
Special judge
Japan Wild Bird Society Takumi Ishida Digital Entertainment Academy

"Glorious Best Costume in TOKYO GAME SHOW 2001 SPRING"

"Glorious Best Costume in TOKYO GAME SHOW 2001 SPRING" is the popular stage event at Tokyo Game Show every time. However, the judgment method was hugely modified this time.The photographs of 15 companies that entered were posted on the big panels which are situated in the venue, and the "best 3" were determined by the visitors' votes. An awards ceremony was performed at the event stage on Sunday April1 from 16:00. The total number of votes was 2,242 [voting period: Friday March 30, 12:30 - Sunday April 1, 12:30].The results are as follows.

Grand Prix

Second-Grand Prix

Second-Grand Prix

Furthermore, "The 7th Symposium on Creators' Training" and "Intellectual Property Symposium" were held on March 30th (Fri.), and the special forum "Consider future of TV games" was held on March 31st (Sat.) At these symposiums and forum, opinions were lively interchanged.

Next Tokyo Game Show (2001 Autumn) is scheduled to be held from October 12th (Fri.) through October 14th (Sun.) Details will be informed by Press Release and CESA's web page (URL as soon as decision is made.

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