Final report on the "Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn"
Three days filled with dreams, hope and excitement
Invitation to the future of the computer entertainment world

 The "Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn" was held for three days from October 12 (Fri.) to 14 (Sun.) 2001 at Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center) in Chiba City, organized by Computer Entertainment Software Association (CESA) with support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and special sponsorship of NTT DoCoMo, Inc. The venue was filled with a great number of visitors.

[The number of visitors to Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn]
October 12th (Fri.) 31,975 (34,329)
October 13th (Sat.) 48,059 (38,639)
October 14th (Sun.) 49,592 (45,112)
Total 129,626 (118,080)
(  ) indicate the number of visitors to TGS 2001 Spring.

 53 companies participated in the 11th show, where a variety of the latest computer entertainment game software, centering mainly on unreleased titles, was exhibited. In addition, with the appearance of new hardware and next generation mobile phones, the show accomplished fruitful results providing a view of the future of computer entertainment. Due to numerous attractions such as a broadband cafe for visitors to enjoy the Internet at ease, talk shows and other live shows held at booths of participating companies, and sales of goods related to game software, scores of enthusiastic fans turned out to fill the venue.

 The Event Stage, on which various unique programs by participating companies as well as talk shows by game software creators took place, drew large numbers of ardent game fans throughout the whole show. 15 companies made entries in "The Best CostumeIn Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn", for which 2,051 votes were collected in total from visitors. The results of the competition are as follows;

The Result of "The Best Costume in Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn"
The Grand Prize Microsoft
The Second Prize ATLUS

At this show, collection boxes are placed in the venue to raise funds for the victims and their families stricken by the terrorist attack of in the U.S. The total amount of raised funds is 106,770 yen. Charity Auction held at the Event Stage had sales of 489,000 yen, total 595,770 yen will be donate for the victims of the terrorist attack in the U.S.

Furthermore, "The 8th Human Resource Symposium" was held on October 12, Friday. Various opinions were exchanged at the symposium.

The next Tokyo Game Show (2002 Autumn) is scheduled for September 2002. Information of further details will be released on the CESA web site (URL http://www.cesa.or.jp) as well as through PR materials as soon as details are determined.

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