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Visitors competed with one another for the chance to try out
more than 400 new games.

Tokyo Game Show 2000 Spring (organized by Computer Entertainment Software Association, officially supported by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, sponsored by Sega Enterprises/Sony Computer Entertainment/Nintendo, and co-sponsored by Microsoft) was held over three days from March 31 (Friday) to April 2, 2000 (Sunday) at Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center), and was the scene of thriving activity.

[Number of Visitors to Tokyo Game Show 2000 Spring]

March 31(fri) Business day 18,803
April 1(sat) General admission day 63,393
April 2(sun) General admission day 49,512
Total 131,708

Figures in parentheses are the number of visitors to the Kids Corner

Tokyo Game Show 2000 Spring, the 8th occasion on which the show has been held since its inception in 1996, saw participation from 66 companies. Together with video game machines not yet released onto the market, more than 400 titles were exhibited, including new game software for PCs, and network game software which participants can enjoy over the Internet, a new type of game which received particular attention. The "play, see and obtain promotional goods" mode of enjoying Tokyo Game Show has become firmly established, that is being amongst the first to play new game software, enjoy a variety of events, and obtain promotional goods. Visitors were engrossed in software for new hardware and software for portable handy game machines, and cheers were heard at the event stages and the talk shows and live performances were given at the exhibitors' booths. In addition to the trial versions of new game software distributed throughout the venue, the sales corner where game software-related promotional goods were sold was packed with enthusiastic fans keen to obtain original promotional goods from various companies.

At the CESA GAME. COM booth within the Navi Plaza, the organizer's area, on March 1 CESA presented a variety of content, including cutting-edge on-line games, shopping mall, mail distribution service, information service and user communities provided at CESA GAME. COM, the portal site for games started by CESA. The extent of Internet users' expectations for on-line network games was evident.

Noteworthy features of Tokyo Game Show 2000 Spring were the steady increase in the quantity of software for new hardware which is the focus of much attention, and the increase in software for portable handy game machines. Software for new hardware made full use of the high-performance hardware and realized improved entertainment through high-resolution images on a par with photographs, diverse story lines, and ability to be played as network games using on-line network terminal function. These new games answer the needs of the expanded age range of game players and expansion of new users. The increase in the quantity of software for portable handy game machines may be regarded as responding to the new boom in portable handy game machines which feature color game screens and have become communication tools through the incorporation of communications functions.

In terms of the genre of the software on display, instead of displays of software of a specific genre such as simulation, role-playing, or action, there was a great increase in the percentage of software on display which contains multiple genres. This may be regarded as evidence that the area of entertainment which games possess is expanding, and progressing to incorporate a variety of different elements such as film, music and sport. Software developers may be described as being accurate answering the needs of game users, who want to achieve diverse enjoyment from one software program.

At the event stage, on March 31, the business day, Shoichiro Irimajiri, President of Sega Enterprises gave a keynote address, while on the days which the show was open to the general public, the announcement and presentation ceremony for the 2nd CESA Amateur Game Awards, presentation of CESA GAME. COM, and talk-shows with the creators of game software took place, which packed in enthusiastic gamers.

As the festival at the night before "Tokyo Game Show 2000 Spring," "The 4th Annual Japan Entertainment Software Awards" Presentation Ceremony was held in Tokyo International Forum (Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku) on March 30 (Thurs.)
For the Japan Entertainment Software Awards, Grand Awards and other awards were selected and awarded, with all works released in Japan during the period from January 1 to December 31, 1999 being eligible
At the announcement and presentation ceremony "DOKODEMO-ISSHO" created by Sony Computer Entertainment was selected as the Grand Award, four works were presented with Awards for Excellence, and Division Awards (1 Game for each of 7 Divisions), Special Award were presented. Age of empires2/Age of kings created by Microsoft was selected as the Foreign Game Award.

For the next Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn, the business day is to be held on September 22, 2000 (Friday), and the show is the general admission day on September 23 (Saturday) and 24 (Sunday). As soon as details are finalized they will be published in public relations materials and on the CESA website (URL: http//

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